Grate Garlic

These beautiful handmade ceramic garlic graters work so amazingly well, you won’t believe you have been chopping or pressing garlic all this time!  Peel a clove of garlic and rub it briskly on the rough bottom of one of these little graters and in seconds you have juicy garlic pulp.  Clean up is simple – just rinse in fresh water as soon as you’re done, but they are dishwasher safe if you forget.

The graters are beautiful enough to put right on the table with a nice dollop of good olive oil for dipping, but you can also use them as a simple kitchen tool when preparing any hard food to use in recipes.    Not only do they pulverize garlic, they’ll also grate ginger and nutmeg, turmeric and hard chocolate, crumble hard cheeses and hold your spoon while you’re cooking!

100% Handmade here in the USA of food-safe clays and glazes!

Watch the little video demo below then go to Shop for Graters and get your own and some for your friends!


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